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Are you looking for a more convenient way to serve your patients or clients? Do you want to use creative and innovative tools to coach your patients? If you want a balanced work-life situation, then join this course and help clients achieve results via video consultations

Start your 5 week course today and earn money as an online doctor with minimum overhead costs and happy, healthier patients.

Hello Doctor! Glad to see you online.

This course is exclusive for medical doctors with a license to practice in their country of residence who want to manage and treat their patients online. We are a new generation of doctors who believe that our overhead costs can be kept at a minimum and still serve 80% of patients efficiently. We also want contribute to a reduction in physician burn-out that is an epidemic across our profession.  The more energy we have the better we can serve our patients.

It is time to put the focus back on what works best for you and your patients. This 5 week course will do just that and more. We will show you through evidence-based literature why video consultations work.  And you will be able to do what you are passionate about, helping people without the hassle of costs and administrative workload. 


What do we do at HelloDoc Courses For Doctors?

Online courses packed with evidence-based material on video consultations. This feature will show you how to get your online medical consultation business started

One-to-one and group coaching on how to grow your business. This feature will get into the specifics of how to do high-quality video consultations on your ideal clients

Resources and tools to get you started within 5 weeks if you do not yet have clients. This feature will show you how to set up and connect, book a consultation and set a fee for your clients