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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Can I use HelloDoc in case of emergency

No. In the event that you need medical attention in holland you need to dial 112.

When should you call for emergency help:

  • Central chest pain
  • Bleeding that is severe and not stopping spontaneously
  • Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing
  • Sudden inability to move your limbs
  • Low level of consciousness that may or may not be caused by alcohol or drugs 
  • Severe abdnominal pain with nauseau, vomit and/or fever
  • A sudden worst headache you have every had
How much does a consultation cost?
Consultation  Cost
Generalist €24,99
Specialist €49,99
Follow-up text messages Free

Our medical doctors are registered in the BIG-register. Medical professionals are allocated a number which you can check on the BIG-register website

This allows medical professionals to carry out certain procedures and practice independently.

Our psychologists are registered in the NIP-register.

Can HelloDoc refer me to a specialist?

Yes, HelloDoc works with different specialists including a certified psychologist. 

We can also issue referrals for pathology, blood and radiological tests. The referrals will be sent to your email address that you provide us. This can be saved and using a valid ID number you can make an appointment at a convenient time to see the specialist.

Please make sure that your medical insurance covers your specialist visit.

Are medical certificates available?

Yes, doctors on HelloDoc can provide you with a Medical Certificate. This will be available in your health-space inbox following a video consultation. The Medical Certificate is your property and will not be shared with any third party. 

Are doctors on HelloDoc always available?

We offer a 24/7 service, meaning you can contact us anytime. However this does not necessarily mean you will get medical advice within minutes. We aim to connect you with a professional within 15 minutes. 

Availability of doctors and specialist on HelloDoc may vary. We work hard to make sure to provide as many doctors at any given moment when they are needed for a video consultation. If you are not immediately connected to a doctor you will be sent a message with a waiting time indication. 

Can anyone use HelloDoc?

Yes, anyone who is residing in Holland over 16 years old can access our HelloDoc platform. If you are under the age of 16, you can only access and use the service in the presence of at all times, and with the consent of, a parent or guardian.

Does my insurance cover HelloDoc costs?

We are not able to state for sure if your insurance company will cover your HelloDoc consultations. We do provide medical insurance claim reports that you can submit to your insurance company if necessary. 

You can send our invoices as well to your insurance company if you need to. 

We believe that making our services accessible and affordable anyone with early symptoms can get medical advice. 

What can HelloDoc be used for?

We believe in the 20:80 rule. If you solve 20% of your symptoms early on, you are 80% to a healthy recovery. That is why we provide medical advice and over 80% of our clients are managed effectively via video consultations. 

It is our goal to prevent complications from minor complaints. Our services help to relieve pressure in emergency departments but most importantly at local family practices. So we focus on what matters to you now so you can get better and do what you do best. 

HelloDoc doctors are certified and qualified to provide medical certificates after an online video consultation. The doctors on our platform can also prescribe medication even repeat ones. Specialist referrals and laboratory or radiology requests can be provided for by our doctors.

About Our Services

Medical consultations

HelloDoc provides medical consultations via video call. After each call you will be sent an invoice. You are responsible for requesting an e-consult video call on your profile and as soon as a doctor or specialist is available you will be connected. 

Our professionals are trained in providing video consultations and will provide the most up-to-date and relevant medical advice.

We use national and international medical guidelines. HelloDoc has access to a broad medical libray and network to provide you with early symptom treatments that is effective and evidence based. 

Out of hours

HelloDoc provides out of hours services particularly because family practices are closed. We believe that in doing so you can concentrate on getting better early on and not have to wait to make an appointment. 

Our HelloDoc professionals have regular jobs and provide this additional service at an affordable price because they care about your early symptoms relief. 

Our services are also available through0ut the weekends on Saturday and Sunday. 

Online prescriptions

It can occur that after a video consultation a doctor recommends medication for your medical issue. In that case and with your consent, prescription drugs will be ordered and delivered to your address in Holland.

Should you want to pick up the medication at a local pharmacy that can also be done and you will receive a prescription in your profile inbox to download.

Sick Notes

The first few days of an illness is always the worst. During that time you may need a certificate stating you are not well for work or study purposes. 

HelloDoc provides medical certificates only after a video consultation has been performed with one of our doctors or specialists. 

This way we can provide a thorough and elaborate report. 


HelloDoc has access to referal portals in the Netherlands. 

We will not make referrals just because you request us to. Our doctors are trained in properly assessing requests for referrals. We do this to preserve the integrity and working relationship with our specialist colleagues. 

In some cases HelloDoc may find it necessary to ask you to return to your own family doctor for a referral. 

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