Consultation guidelines

Consultations with clients take place on the platform Liviconnect after establishing contact with the client through Promedico. The following are guidelines on how to best conduct consultations with patients in a virtual environment. 

  1. Please make sure that your internet connection as well as the camera and microphone are working properly on the device that you are using.

Please make sure that your background is neutral and not cluttered. Remember, it is important that you are in a private, professional setting. Using headphones is a good way to minimize background noise for your consultation, and to ensure increased privacy and confidentiality.

    1. Once you have ensured the above, it is time to start your consultation. It is important that you are on time for every consultation, as you are the one responsible for launching the consultation session. It may take the client a couple of minutes to respond to your call. Please not that all clients are prompted to be present and ready for their consultation 5 minutes before the scheduled time, however it may take the client a couple of minutes to respond to your call.

    2. When the client enters the video consultation, greet them by using their name. Ask the client to confirm their date of birth before discussing any medical concerns, to verify identification.

    3. Confirm that the patients reason for booking the consultation (given in the patients initial contact with HelloDoc) is indeed the reason they are in the consultation; ““I see that you are looking to get a refill on your prescription for XXX. Is that correct?”

    4. Start by asking basic small-talk questions to break the ice. Questions recommended are “What do you do for a living?” ”How long have you lived in The Netherlands?” “How has your day been so far?”

    5. Ask if the client is registered with a Dutch GP.
      – If yes, ask why they did not seek assistance there.
      – If no, ask if they are planning on registering with a GP and if they have been experiencing any struggles in doing so.

    6. If the consultation concerns something which can be visually inspected, such as a rash, please use the opportunity to do so. Ask the patients to stand up and show whichever symptom they are experiencing, allowing for you to inspect it through the video connection. The patient is fully entitled to decline this request, however please remind them in that case that your medical evaluation will be more limited.

    7. Ask very precise questions which can help the client best describe what they are seeing/feeling/experiencing.

    8. Before making your diagnosis, summarise everything the client has told you during the consultation to ensure there has not been any misunderstandings which could lead to a wrong diagnosis.

    9. After you made your medical evaluation, please describe it to the client in as much detail as possible. Ask them if they have any questions or concerns that were not addressed and make sure to address them to the best of your ability.

    10. Make sure to inform the client that HelloDoc’s service is not a complete replacement for a GP and can be seen as a temporary solution if GP services are not available for the client. Reiterate that HelloDoc services cannot replace an emergency service. If you see during the consultation that the client can be in need of emergency medical help, inform them of that and offer assistance in contacting those services.

    11. While performing the consultation you may feel it is necessary to receive images of videos from the client which can demonstrate the extent of their medical concerns. The patient is fully entitled to decline this request, however it may limit your medical assessment. You are not allowed to download any media sent by the client to your personal laptop, mobile phone or any other device.

    12. In rounding off the consultation, inform the client that you are going to compile a written report for this consultation and send it to them within 24 hours (for issues that do not require a prescription).
      Please see Chapter 3 Writing Patient Summaries for more information
      If the consultation requires a prescription, make sure that you send the medical summary report within one hour of consultation.
    13. If the patient requires a prescription, ensure that you have obtained details about their local pharmacy before the consultation ends. Please see Chapter 4, Prescriptions for more information
    14. Inform the patient that they will receive a form in which they will be asked to evaluate the consultation, and kindly ask them to fill it in.
    15. Ensure that the client is aware of the next steps to take in the treatment of their condition before ending the call. Once you are satisfied with this criteria, thank the client for their time and wish them all the best in recovering from their medical concerns.