HelloDoc platform

At HelloDoc we use a variety of platforms, all with its own unique functions and capabilities. To ensure you are best equipped to offer your patients that special HelloDoc service, ensure you are familiar with the usage and operation of all the relevant platforms before your first consultation. 

The most important platforms for you to know about are:

Calendly is the platform through which patients book their consultations with psychologist

The availability on Calendly is filled in by the psychologist or those authorised to do so.

The platform through which you will have the initial contact with clients, and through which all medical notes will be shared between yourself, clients and the doctor’s assistant. This is the medical information system (MIS) where you will write down all the information that is being shared with you by the client. You will also be able to create prescriptions and more. 

Promedico hosts all client information including personal information and medical information.  Clients will be manually added to Promedico by the case managers. It can happen that you will be asked to input client details (add a new client) on Promedico. A separate document will be provided to you once you have gotten the first set of training on Promedico. 

Liviconnect is the platform through which you will conduct your video-consultations with clients.

It is important that clients know that an online consultation will occur via Liviconnect . Prior to the consultation you will need to send the link to your personal Liviconnect waiting room by email. 

The following message is a recommended template:

“Dear XXX,
I see you have booked a consultation with me on XXX-day at 12:00.
Please follow this link 5 minutes before the appointment time which will take you to my virtual waiting room:
https://meet.liviconnect.com/waitingroom (Use your personal waiting room link)
Looking forward to speaking soon.
Best wishes,

Following your consultation with a client, you are required to type the medical summary and notes on Promedico. The client will be able to see their medical summaries if and when they are connected through Pharmeon, an online application to make consultation bookings, request medication and more. For information in writing a medical summary.

To use this platform you must register through the following link:


Register on the platform using your HelloDoc email, which either has been provided to you, or will be provided shortly. After completing the initial registration, please complete 2-step verification (in the “Settings” section) to ensure privacy.

Liviconnect will give you two different options:
– Start video call
– Schedule a video call for later

Choose the option to schedule a video call for later, and copy the link provided, which takes clients to your virtual waiting room. 

When a patient has taken a seat in the virtual waiting room and you are ready to begin the consultation, press the green “Call” button next to the patient’s name. This will start the consultation.
If the call does not start, click “Waiting room” in the top right corner and then press “call” next to the patient’s name.

HelloDoc uses Google Drive as a main storage place for all documents, policies, and as a knowledge sharing platform. Your HelloDoc email will also be linked to a Gmail account. Google meets is the platform used internally in HelloDoc to schedule meetings with team members, and external parties who are not clients requiring consultations.

When meetings are held internally among team members or with external partners, the platform used is Google Meet. Meetings can be scheduled through Google Calendar, and from there, meeting invites can be sent out to other participants. Email communication internally in The HelloDoc team must take place through the HelloDoc email exclusively, to maintain a clear overview of previous communication as this may pertain to client care.