Start a video consultation

Open the mail invite to create a new LiviConnect account

Use your @hellodoc email address to create you account

You will receive a unique LiviConnect link – this is yours to share with clients and to the manager


This is what the homepage looks like.

Once you have created an account and received a unique link you can go ahead and sign in

Sign in

Use your HelloDoc account email to sign in

make sure you have a secure password

There is also 2VS process so you will be asked to enter a code sent to your telephone via sms

Make sure you always have your phone at hand

Vide call now

Once you have successfully logged in, you will see this screen.

You can copy your unique video consultation link and share to your clients or add to your social media posts if you wish

You can also see who is in the waiting room.

At the allocated time of your consultation the client’s name should show there and you can click on the client’s name and then select add to call.

Start a consultation

When you enter the video consultation room you will see your camera and yourself.

On the right side of the screen you will see options to contact your client to let them know you are waiting for them if they have not logged in themselves.

Use Email as primary option or SMS.

You can also change the message to your client but make sure you give details how they can connect with you via LiviConnect.

Finish consultation

Once you have ended your consultation you will see this screen. Now you can either go to. home or start a new video call.

By clicking home you will be at the home page where you can see who else is waiting for you in waiting room

Once all your consultations are done, you need to end the call and also close that tab down. It is important you do this so that you avoid your tab being open by accident. There is a high risk that your client can hear you talk or speak about something else after the call if you do not close the LiviConnect tab completely.