Instructions for client

The first time you send a prescription to a client who needs to register at a pharmacy it is important you inform client about how it works. Particularly when they do not have a BSN number and have a private insurance provider.

Send this template email below to clients first. Then send another email with the actual prescription to the pharmacy and cc the client

Dear <name client>,
Your prescription will be sent at 08:00 am tomorrow morning to the following address:

<name of pharmacy you located>

<street name>



Here are some important instructions for you

1. Ask them to check their spam filter for the prescription

2. Bring ID and a bankcard to make payments 

3. Once you have received your medication and receipt of payment – upload the receipt to your insurance provider for reimbursement

Schedule sent

Click on the arrow button next to send in your email. Select the option “schedule sent”

Select morning

Click on Tomorrow morning which is automatically the next day at 08:00 am. The reason is to do it that way is so that when client arrives at the pharmacy the email is already there.

Do not forget to CC the client when you email the prescription to the pharmacy