Prescription and Pharmacy

After you have consulted with a client you may need to prescribe medication. Inform them that when they get to the pharmacy they should ask the assistant to check the spam filter of their inbox for the HelloDoc prescriptions

In this video you will see what steps you need to take to prescribe, find a pharmacy and email both client and pharmacy.

The reason why you are not able to send your prescription directly to the pharmacy is because many of our clients are internationals and are here temporarily. They move around in many situations as it is part of their way of life or study.

For this reason you will need to send clients an email with a copy of the prescription and cc the pharmacy.

Step 1.

Insert the postcode of the client in Google Maps

Step 2

Click on the icon “nearby” and enter the keyword “pharmacy”

If the client has already located a pharmacy you can skip this step. It is important that the client provides you with a valid email address of their pharmacy of choice

Step 3

Make sure the pharmacy is close to the client and can be accessed within 5-10 minutes by car. Since most clients will be students and have bikes, this distance should be fine.

Step 4

Make sure that the pharmacy is active, check the website and ensure you have an email address to send a copy of the prescription to them

Step 5

Once you have an email address of the pharmacy create an email using your @hellodoc email account. Use the template below

Step 6

Use this template to write to the pharmacy and cc the client. If the student does not have a BSN number specify this in the email. Use both the Dutch and English translation so that the client is aware of what is being communicated. Note: You can add some information that you feel is relevant.

Geachte collega,

Bij deze een recept voor mijn patiƫnt.

Mocht er vragen zijn, neem rustig contact met mij.

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Dear colleague,

Please find attached a prescription for my patient.

If there are any questions please contact me

Kind regards,

Step 7

Do not forget to let client know that when they get to the pharmacy they need to bring their ID card and bank card to pay for medication and register at the pharmacy.

Step 8

Remind clients to ask the pharmacy assistant to check the spam filter of their inbox. Unfortunately our emails can land in their spambox.