Agenda slot

Here is a step by step guide to create your availability slots on Promedico

1. Set your own agenda template (@ –> Onderhoud –> Agenda –> Dag sjablonen toevoegen). Give the agenda template a name  for example ” your first and last name” Select your time slots Select from the dropdown menu (video consultation) Click on the box “PP” this stands for patient portal – by doing this your availability will be connected to the patient portal app

2. Connect your agenda template to your name (@ –> Agenda –> Kalender)Select your name from the list of staff members Click on Sjablonen on the menu. Click on Sjablonen toepassen – you should see the name of the agenda template you created 

3. Now indicate how often you want the agenda template to run for (weekly, daily, yearly, monthly etc…make sure you fill this out accurately). Click on “Opslaan” and then it will be saved on the portal