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Your Doctor on the Go!

Speak to a certified doctor online for non-urgent medical complaints.

A temporary solution for expats and foreign students waiting to be seen by their family doctor

We care about your health 

At HelloDoc we provide medical advice for minor complaints before they turn into complications. No more worrying about things getting worse before your family doctor can see you.

Even if you have been told your complaints are not serious, wouldn’t it be nice to get medical advice and reassurance?

We treat the following illnesses at HelloDoc

Flu-like symptoms

Things like the common cold, runny or stuffy nose can be treated early on with decongestants regular steaming and good old fashion soup

Anxiety & stress

A stressful episode can affect your study. A session on mindfulness and coping skills can be enough to get you through until an appointment with a specialist

Sexual health

A sexual desire is normal and healthy. What do you do if you find out you have an STD? We provide advice on partner notification and safe sexual behaviour

Bladder infections

If you have ever had a bladder infection it is something you won’t forget. Unfortunately it can reccur again. For this, we at HelloDoc offer advice and treatment

Pimples and rashes

Your skincare routine may likely change when you live and study in a foreign country. Breakouts, itchtiness and dry skin are a few conditions we treat

Exercise and nutrition

Once in a while you are allowed to “bingflix”, that is our way of saying you can stay home and watch your favourite show. But finish with a walk & a healthy meal

We bring you content based on best practices and true stories


3 steps to manage psoriasis by your GP.

I am depressed, why doesn’t my GP give me medication?

Speak to your GP about depression and treatment options today

I have a rash but my GP refuses an allergy test.

The reason why your GP does not refer for mild allergic rash


Two things your GP can do to manage warts


How a GP will manage your vitiligo and self-esteem


The 3 ways your GP can manage folliculitis.


The ABCDE approach your GP uses to assess moles on your skin

Now accepting insured clients

HelloDoc Services


Medical Consultation

Professionals available to provide personalised and up-to-date medical advice

Online prescriptions

Receive prescribed medication online and delivered straight to your door

Blood tests

Get your blood tested in 3 easy steps. Select the test, find a location and get your results by a doctor.


Sick note reports

Reports that allow you to take time off to recover without affecting your studies


Fit to travel certificate

Keep illness or injuries to a minimum with a fitness to travel certificate

Specialist referrals

Online referrals to specialist to ensure continued care and communication

HelloDoc Medical Doctors

Sabine Fonderson, MD

Sabine Fonderson, MD

Chief executive officer

My name is Sabine Fonderson, CEO of HelloDoc. I started this platform to assist expats and foreign students in navigating through the healthcare system in The Netherlands. I know what it is like be a foreign student and an expat. My goal is to make sure you have a GP and if that is not the case that your medical issues are answered by a doctor that speaks your language.

I can consult in  French, Dutch or English.

BIG registered 

Consult with Dr. Sabine 

Sarah Willicombe, MD

Sarah Willicombe, MD

General Practitioner


Hi, my name is Sarah, I was born in the UK and did my medical training in Cambridge. I have 8 years of experience as a General Practitioner (GP) and I’m passionate about Women’s Health and Rheumatology.

I look forward to a consultation with you in English, Italian or Dutch.

BIG registration

Consult with Dr. Sarah

Natalia Moleon, DMD

Natalia Moleon, DMD


I am Natalia. I am a dentist and I have 8 years of experience with adults and children. I have experience in the field of dental emergencies and also with patients with phobia to the dentist. I am at your service to help with your questions.

I speak English, Spanish, Dutch and Finnish.

BIG registered

Consult with Dr. Natalia 

HelloDoc Medical Officers

Dr Irina Zenevica

Dr Irina Zenevica


BIG registered

English, Swedish & Russian 

Special interst: Endocrinology

Sandra Kamga, MD

Sandra Kamga, MD


BIG registered

French, English and Dutch

Special interest: Surgery

Veeny Kan

Veeny Kan

Medical Strategist


English & Mandarin


Shazia Amer

Shazia Amer


BIG registered

English, Urdu, Hini & Dutch

Special interest: Anxiety & Stress

HelloDoc Allied Health professionals

Amelie van den Brink

Amelie van den Brink

Art therapist consultant

English & French

Special interest: ADHD, autism and trauma

Boris Feldman

Boris Feldman


Dutch, Russian & English

Special interst: Exercise and recovery 

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