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Sex is Good

Safe is Better

A new sexual health service by HelloDoc for LGBT groups in The Hague. This service is available at home and is 100% annonymous. Find out more about getting screened for an STD and treated if you are

  • Anxious you may have an STD
  • With a partner who has an STD
  • Not showing any signs or symptoms of an STD

Live a happy & healthy sexual life

Do not let guilt, shame and axienty stop you from seeking advice on sexually transmitted diseases.

Get your sexual health test

Sex is healthy and the desire for sex is natural. This does not however mean you can go about having sex anytime, anywhere and with anyone without precautions. Unsafe sexual habits can put you at risk to getting sick.

Sexually transmitted disease (STD) can sometimes not be avoided due do unsafe sexual practice. If tested and treated early, you can cure them. If you do not check your sexual health status, you may be put others at risk.

Tests to screen for sexually transmitted diseases are available.

Typically you will go to your doctor’s office and a panel of tests are ordered from the lab. Within 3 days in the majority of cases, you will get your test results.

HelloDoc offers a unique service for LGBT groups who are unsure about their sexual health and want to get tested.

The tests are rapid, accurate and done at your home.

The first step starts with you. Get your sexual health checked. It’s the healthy thing to do.

HelloDoc sexual health services

There may come a time in your life when you meet someone. Things move faster than you planned or hoped for. Before you know it, you’re locked in a passionate embrace and one thing leads to another. There is no shame in it, it’s the moment. 

When all is settled, you may be left with a nagging thought ” I think I need to get tested…just be sure’.

If you have been in this situation, you may also have felt one or more of the  following




These feelings are normal. These feelings can however cause a delay in getting professional advice.

HelloDoc professionals come to your house in the evening and weekends. We provide a confidential, convenient and accessible service.

Do I have chlamydia?

Chlamydia is a very common STD. Chlamydia is known for being a ‘stupid bacteria‘ because it can be treated with antibiotics.

So if you suspect you could have chlamydia, just get it checked out. Because the sooner you treat it, the better your overall health will be.

If you leave chlamydia in your body without treatment it can cause complications that affects your ability to have children in the future.

If you have symptoms including discharge, pain or burning sensation you need to get checked out.

Men who have swollen, painful testicles should get a chlamydia test.

Do I have gonorrhoea?

Gonorrhoea is one of those bacteria you can call ‘stupid‘. It’s so easy to treat once it has been detected. 

One of the dangers of gonorrohoea is that for the most part (80%), women will not have symptoms. However 10% of men will have symptoms. 

When you have discharge or feel like you are peeing more than usual maybe you should get checked out.

Pain during sex or pain in the lower tummy area is another reason to have yourself checked out for gonorrhoea.

In men a typical symptom will be yellow/green discharge from the penis. So much so they leave a piece of toilet tissue on the tip of the penis to catch the discharge.

Do I have Syphilis?

Syphilis is a bacterial infection that can be contracted via sharing a needle with someone who is infected. So sexual contact is not the only reason to have syphilis.

Symptoms can be difficult to diagnose and develop in 3 stages

1. Primary syphilis: a sore that is painless and usually on the genital region. Sometimes it can be on the mouth. It is described as a ‘chancre’. 

2. Secondary syphilis: look for signs such as a skin rash, fever, hair loss and more painless sores over the body. Within a few weeks all these symptoms may disappear. You may think you have no medical issues. The bacteria lies dormant, sleeping in your body for many years until it strikes again to cause even more damage

3. Tertiary syphilis: many years after the second stage you start to develop serious complications that will affect your ability to think, remember things and even walk. 

If you test positive for syphilis you can get treated with antibiotics. This treatment is very effective. Get checked out. 


Do I have HIV?

HIV means Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It is a virus that attacks important immune cells in  your body.

Once infected the virus starts to replicate and you get the initial symptoms within 2 to 6 weeks.

You will start to develop symptoms like the common cold or fever.

Other symptoms include joint pain, muscle ache, sore throat, rash, general fatigue can occur.

Once these initial symptoms are gone, usually by themselves. The virus starts to grow and damage the immune system more and more.

Treatment for HIV is not available. What this means is that there is no cure. There is medication to stop the virus from replicating and destroying vital cells.

Get tested early for HIV and start treatment if you are positive. The earlier the better and more importantly you’ll have an active healthy life while on treatment.

7 Facts on STD

  • STD’s caused by chlamydia or gonorrhoea can be treated with antibiotics
  • STD’s in women can cause more serious health problems compared to those in men
  • You don’t need to have sex to contract Herpes, Trichomonas or scrab
  • 50% of all STD’s occur in men and women younger than 25 years of age
  • Even if you use a condom, you can still contract genital herpes, HPV or Syphilis
  • Even if you are cured it makes sense to retest
  • There are over 10 other diseases that can be transmitted via sexual contact including yeast infection

How to get PREP or PEP

PrEP or HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis is medication you take if you do not have HIV and expose yourself to sexual contact without physical protection (condom).

What is PrEP used for?

  • to prevent HIV infection
  • reduce the risk of HIV infection (by 70%) in
    • young women
    • men who have sex with men (MSM)
    • HIV-negative person in a sexual relationship with an HIV-positive partner
    • persons addicted to drugs (via injections)

PrEP is considered by medical professionals for anyone who is at a high risk of exposure to HIV infection.

Before starting PrEP you will need to

  • confirm your HIV status in the laboratory.
  • be tested for chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrohoea.
  • check Hepatitis A, B, C, liver and kidney functions
  • check if you are pregnant or not (for women only) 

Your family practitioner or health professional at a sexual health consultation office can provide you with a prescription for PrEP or PEP.

HelloDoc can assist you with a prescription for the PrEP medication Truvada®. You will be notified of the complications of this medication as well as when you need to take blood tests. Your liver, kidney and general sexual health status will be determined in the lab. This is important in order for the medication to be effective.

The PrEP medication can be taken with food. If you have difficulty swallowing, Truvada can be dissolved in water or juice and then drink it.

Daily use of PrEP requires you take a tablet once a day

For those who inject drugs or have sex, a daily dose of PrEP for seven days before sexual contact is recommended

For some you can choose to take it on demand

  • take 2 tablets between 2-24 hours before anal sex then another tablet 24 hours and another tablet 48 hours anal sex
  • If you want to take it on demand, you may consider post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) instead

Remember that PrEP does not protect you from other sexually transmitted diseases

Remember PrEP does not protect 100% from HIV but reduces the risk substantially if taken correctly

If you are on PrEP you need to be seen by a doctor every 3 months.

During your visits, the following will need to be discussed

  • are you taking the medication as recommended
  • do you have any side-effects
  • have you been practicing safe sexual behaviour
  • what are your blood test results in particular your kidney function
  • do you have any other sexually transmitted diseases
  • how are you coping mentally 

Get screened and tested at home

after hours during weekdays & weekends in the hague 

Choose your test

Book an appointment

Have safe sex

Want to know your sexual health status?

What You Need to Know About Your Appointment

A HelloDoc health professional trained in performing sexual health tests will come to your house on the day and time of the appointment.

You must have the following prepared


A list of your medicines

Please have a list of any medication you are taking at hand


A clean and tidy area

Our HelloDoc health professionals arrive with equipment needed to perform these screens. It is vital that the area allocated in your living space is clean and tidy. This is important to avoid any contamination. Your living area must include a sink and wash basin and a bin to dispose of certain materials


Electrical outlet

Depending on the test, our health professionals may need access to electricity in order for prepare the testing material.

Important questions 

If I test positive what happens next?

This depends on the test and disease.

For instance say you tested positive for Chlamydia and /or Gonorrhoea, HelloDoc will provide prescription medication so you can take without delay.

In case you test positive for HIV, Hepatitis or Syphilis, you will be referred to either your own family practitioner or a specialist for further treatment.

Other conditions that test positive will be discussed once the resuts are known.

How accurate are the tests used to screen?

The tests are all CE certified with a high degree of accuracy for detecting or ruling out a sexually transmitted disease.

Conditions that may affect the results include contamination of material (urine, secretions, swabs etc).

Given that the tests are performed by trained professionals, there will always a control used. So for instance, after the test is performed using your sample, a control sample that is either postitive or negative will be done to confirm the test. This ensures that the test is done right and the result is accurate

How long after I have had unsafe sex should I get checked out?

Typically, you should wait 3 weeks before getting tested. 

If you are too early you risk getting a false-negative result. This means that whilst the test is negative, you actually are infected with an STD. 

If your last unsafe sexual contact was 3 weeks ago, then you are in the right window-period to get tested.

Will my results be shared with my GP?

Your results are shown and shared with you at your home. Information about your test results and if necessary treatment will be uploaded into your online platform.

This is a secure and only accessible to you after you register and create a password. 

Your GP will not have access to this information unless you specifically agree to this.

Furthermore, the portal allows you access to other specialist for instance counselors who can provide more assistance. 

If I need medication, how is that arranged?

HelloDoc will provide you with a prescription so that you can get the treatment needed. 

In some instances, HelloDoc is able to administer treatment for the most common STD’s such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea provided you consent to this.

Once at your home, the various treatment options will be discussed if needed.