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Are you afraid of dentists? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. Worldwide, the phobia of dentists also known as dental phobia is very common. In the list of phobias, dentistry is often in the first position. Dental phobia appears to be the most common phobia in the world, followed by height and spider phobia.

Where does this fear come from?  And what can you do about it?

Usually, dental phobia is related to past negative experiences.  You might have not yet found that dentist who is capable of helping you to get over your fear. It takes time, lots of patience and love for your profession to help patients like you overcome their fear. One important thing that will help you, is try to find a dentist that will listen well to you and that is very empathic. Ask friends, colleagues and family members if they have someone in mind, some empathic dentist that they would recommend you to attend to.
Avoid making an appointment directly for a treatment, but instead, make a first appointment just to get to know that dentist ,just like going on a first date. Also let this dentist do only a check-up of your teeth on the first appointment. No drilling, no clean up, nothing except a check-up, talk and explain the treatment.

If the first impression you get of your dentist is a good one, and you feel calm while being with her/him, then you can make a new appointment for the needed treatment. 

What are the three things I do to help you overcome your dental phobia?


  1. Determine if my patient is extremely afraid of dental treatment or not. If my patient is afraid of dental treatment, our conversations and the length of our appointments will be different than by patients who aren’t.
  2. Focus on explaining procedures slowly, and in a careful way. My goal at this time is to make sure you understand how special you are and how your treatment will be performed. I do this in a calm and effective manner.
  3. Give you time and let you realise that it is a process . Getting over or improving a phobia is not an easy task for most patients, so together, we have to keep this in mind and have lots of patience.

Appointments with your dentist in case of dental phobia should be a bit longer. This time is necessary in order to explain procedures carefully and not rush in any treatment. I want to let all my patient take their time.

If you’d like to discuss your dental fears, and how to overcome them, or if you have any other questions related to your oral health, feel free to book an online appointment with me and discuss it. 

Remember your dental phobia can be overcome.