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Why HelloDoc?

We are your doctor on the go!  Telehealth has never been so easy. In 3 simple steps connect with a doctor in your preferred language and get medical advice and treatment.

Step 1

Create an account – once you create an account we will contact you to confirm a few things.

Step 2

Activate your account – you will receive an email with a link to activate your account. You’ll be able to make use of some services

Step 3

Connect to your portal – every time you want to use our services you will receive a unique code to book an appointment and more

How we work

Reliable, Safe and Professional

Once you arrive in a new country you need a general practitioner also known as a GP. A GP is a sort of gatekeeper to other forms of specialised care. He or she treat medical conditions and provide care for the entire family. Unfortunately, access to a GP can be a challenge for many new expats or international students due to a lack of GP practices as well as language or cultural barriers.

We offer a telehealth service for when you arrive to a new country like The Netherlands and need a GP. We also give advice and treatment in case you are not able to register with a GP and require non-urgent medical care.


5 Minute consultation 100% free

All over the world health professionals are working hard to get people vaccinated and restore medical backlogs.

You no longer need to wait to have your medical concerns listened to. In 5 minutes you can ask a question and get an answer.

Dr Houze is available Monday (08:30 to 10:00 am) and Wednesday (13:00 to 15:00 pm)

Dr Jenny is available Tuesday (13;00 to 15:00 pm)

Our on-call doctors do not refer nor do they prescribe. If you need either one of these services please read below and book a consultation.

Say Hello to our Team

Our team is multi-cultural

HelloDoc consists of a team of doctors from different nationalities, including Russian, Indian, Belgian, Australian, British, Spanish, Peruvian, and Cameroonian. Expats are therefore able to speak to a doctor in one of 12 languages, including Hindi and Urdu.

Sabine Fonderson

Sabine Fonderson

General Practitioner trainee

Special interest: Children’s health

Consults in: Dutch & French

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Sarah Willicombe

Sarah Willicombe

General Practitioner

Special interest: Women’s Health

Consults in: Italian

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Sinéad Melsbach

Sinéad Melsbach

Telehealth consultant

Special interest: Skin diseases

Consults in: Dutch

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Houze Kausar

Houze Kausar

Telehealth On-call Consultant

Languages: Russian, Hindi and Urdu

Mon 08:00 – 10:00 am  & Wed 13:00 – 15:00 pm

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Jenny Araque

Jenny Araque

Telehealth On-call Consultant

Languages: Spanish & English 

Tue 13:00 – 15:00 pm

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Mirena Radulova

Mirena Radulova


Special interest: Eating disorder

Languages: Bulgarian

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Agatha Aduro

Agatha Aduro

Strategic officer

Ensures more equitable access to healthcare by empolying technology to solve medical problems 

Hours a day

Access to medical advice, treatment or referral via a mobile application

Happy Clients

International students and expats diagnosed, treated and happy

Health experts

Available to consult on a wide range of non-acute medical conditions

Our Story

HelloDoc is a diverse and multi-talented group of health professionals. We realise that expats and international students have difficulties with access to certain healthcare services due to language and cultural barriers.

Our main goal is to provide a medical solution that will prevent unnecessary delays in treatment due to these barriers.  We facilitate access to medical care via a mobile application to connect with a doctor anytime, anywhere in any language

The whole process and service at HelloDoc was brilliant. I was connected to a consultant within 24 hours, and received a full medical report and prescription the following day. Dr Fonderson was extremely kind, knowledgeable and thorough in providing me with a report and prescription. I will definitely use this service again in the future!

Ellie T

I had a really good experience with with two different doctors. They are super fast and helpful in every way. There is not much waiting time for an appointment and they listen carefully to your needs. After the appointment you get a summary of what was discussed and how to move forward, which is helpful to also bring to other doctor appointments you might have. Moreover, they are available through messages if there are still questions and reply very fast.

Coleen Gonner

What an incredible experience. Totally recommended. Professional, fast, efficient and friendly.

Emma Kinsey

Partner with HelloDoc

We take care of your clients

If you are an international organization or university and need a telehealth solution for your clients, reach out to us for a talk. We promise to keep it short and focused. We will show you why we provide responsible healthcare, how we achieve high standards and why we are a sustainable solution

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